Americkick Internationals 2012

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March 30-31st, 2012
Friday and Saturday
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan got a chance to visit Jalil’s Martial Arts Academy in Gujar Khan. Ironically Gujar Khan is where Pakistani MMA fighter Shah “No Pain” Hussain hails from. Gujar Khan is also probably the first location MMA Pakistan has done a report on that is not located in a major cosmopolitan city.
alil’s Martial Arts Academy teaches a combination of disciplines but is currently focusing on a style that Master Jalil has made called “Pakido” or “The Way of the Clean Hearted Warrior” (as Pak means pure, or free from fault in Urdu). Master Jalil’s Academy has a particular focus on grappling aspects of Martial Arts, a trait rarely found in Pakistani Martial Arts clubs, particularly those lying outside of the three major cosmopolitan areas of KHI, LHE and ISB. His students regularly grapple spar along with training other aspects of the fight game.

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