LEARN FIGHT ANGER. Anger is an emotion that affects each one of us. While some of us are adept at controlling the emotion others have a difficult time dealing with it. Anger management becomes particularly important for individuals who lose sight of everything else in the face of anger. In such circumstances it becomes crucial to apply strategies that can have a positive impact in dealing with anger.

Here are some tips that can help deal with anger –


The best way to quell anger is by staying calm. Taking a deep breath helps in calming the nerves and thinking rationally. If the situation that makes you angry is right in front of you close your eyes and count to ten. This helps in suppressing the immediate gush of anger.
LEARN FIGHT ALCOHOL ADDICTION. Alcohol addiction can be simply defined as a compulsive decision to drink alcohol. An alcoholic is a person who does not drink for pleasure or joy. On the contrary, such an individual drinks in order to satisfy the urge to drink. In the event an addicted person tries to stop drinking, they end up getting certain symptoms which include anxiety, nausea and sweating that can only be reduced by drinking. With time, a person who is addicted to alcohol is subject to certain health conditions some of them being: kidney failure, damaged brain, skin and pancreatic disorders, impaired functionality of the central nervous system, irregular heartbeats, loss of understanding, liver cirrhosis, blackouts, inflamed mouth and esophagus and many others.

To avoid all these situations from becoming life threatening, one should look for methods lies majorly on the attitude of the public, along with their clear perception on the consequences of using illegal substances


LEARN FIGHT DRUG ADDICTION. Drug Ends All Dreams. This is quite a catchy slogan used for anti-drugs campaign. Its abbreviation spells D.E.A.D, well reflecting the end-destination of individuals who refuse to rehabilitate their drug addiction.

Despite the awareness on the dangers or drugs and the non-ending battle against substance abuse, there are still numerous victims who succumb to the addiction. Experts stress that the success of anti-drug campaign lies majorly on the attitude of the public, along with their clear perception on the consequences of using illegal substances.

The response of the public is driven by their experiences, the effect of what they see in media, impact of news, and amount of information they get from drug education. This is why on top of the strict implementation of laws agencies are also dedicated to assisting the public as they learn fight drug addiction


Learn Fight Smoking Addiction. It can be quite a challenge to stop smoking especially for a long time smoker. Addiction is one of the many devastating effects of smoking and a lot of smokers find it difficult to quit the bad habit. Most of them fear withdrawal symptoms if they quit smoking which makes the addiction even harder to break. Despite that, stopping this addiction is not overly complicated if a good method is used. If you are ready to quit smoking, the best approach is to know what you are up against, what your options are and where to seek help. Half of the battle is finding the trigger that will motivate you to stay quit.

There tons of methods and programs that can help the smoker to quit smoking successfully in a significant amount of time. You can always try out different methods, but it is highly important to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. You should do it the right way and follow a method that will leave you free of the desire to smoke. Here are some of the most effective ways

LEARN FIGHT GAMBLING ADDICTION. While the risk might be high, trust me you can learn fight gambling addiction. Well, you should be able to do so before you get to end up with an empty bank account. I bet you wouldn’t want to get left with huge debts brought about by excessive gambling, too. After all, there are many different ways to learn fight gambling addiction.

Gambling happens to be the act of betting on the outcome of certain events. Don’t get me wrong, but gambling is not necessarily evil. Such a habit only becomes alarming when you’re not able to control yourself from pouring out your money on bets. When gambling becomes out of control, it turns out to be an impulse-control disorder also known as compulsive gambling. Learn fight gambling addiction with these handy tips
LEARN FIGHT STRESS. Everybody is exposed to high levels of stress in everyday situations. Office situations, household duties and expenses pile up to bother and worry us. Apart from making us feel bad, stress can be connected to a number of health problems and medical conditions. Learning how to manage stress is essential for both psychological and physical well-being.

Exercise is on of the best ways to manage stress. Active sports like aerobics, swimming and jogging provide for an outlet. Everybody who practices certain type of sport knows the feeling of relaxation and happiness after an intense session.

Working out and exercising can be fun and possible even if you are on a tight schedule. Instead of using the car, you can walk to your office. Take the stairs and forget about the existence of the elevator. Any form of physical activity can be

LEARN FIGHT CORRUPTION. Corruption comes from the Latin word corruptus which means to destroy or abused. It also refers to deviation and impurities from the ideal such as abuse of public power and resources, extortion and buying votes by enacting laws which uses the taxpayer’s money. The prevalence of graft and corruption is quite overwhelming and disturbing over the decades. No wonder many countries are tagged as third world country or countries that are extremely poor.

As has been observed, corruption doesn’t only involve graft, embezzlement, backdoor deals, however; it also pertains to bribery, nepotism and patronage. Different countries from all over the world go through a widespread corruption. It’s an ugly truth that corruption is something every one of us learns to live with although a campaign against it has been discussed time and again.

In any angle, corruption is just like any chronic disease that destroys the society and the nation. Any country that goes through corruption has a huge

LEARN FIGHT CONFLICT. A conflict would refer to a psychological tension between a single person and one or multiple people. Many conflicts may happen in either the workplace or at school. Arguments may transpire if people do not understand their roles, could not follow directions, or do not have the ability to communicate their ideas effectively. It is a part of the job to know how to work and deal with other people while at the same time finishing the work correctly. And yes, knowing and learning how to manage conflict the right way is also a part of it. The key of knowing how to manage a conflict is simply summarized in these steps: problem identification, addressing the issue through the right communication channels, and discussion of solutions to the issue.

Of course, everyone deals with conflict at some point in different situations. However, not everyone knows how to manage conflict well. So if you’re one of those people who are actually dealing with conflicts with co-workers and classmates for