• Jordan


    Being a part of EMA makes me feel happy inside. You have taught me for many years and I couldn’t have asked for better teaching and teachers. I am proud to say that I have become a good martial artist because of you and I am proud to be a part of EMA. Thank you

  • Melody


    Our son has been a member of Martial Arts Queensland since January of 2005. We found out about the dojo through a brochure sent home from school. We went along for a free trial lesson and were pleasantly surprised with the relaxed atmosphere and professionalism. Our son, who is 5, was very positive about the experience and keen to join so we did! Given his age, we were struggling with his lack of focus on anything and trying to find a way to channel his energy. After being with this organization for a couple of weeks we realized that we had found it. Not only was he gaining confidence and self respect, he was learning how to listen carefully to instructions and respect the rules that were clearly defined in the dojo. Two evenings a week can be a big commitment for some families, be we have found it to be well worth it and look forward to each class. For us parents, it is more than just sitting on the sidelines of a sporting match. We enjoy the sense of community and often take part on the mats to help out when we are needed. At first we were worried about our 3 year old sitting still for the class, but she has always been made to feel very welcome and loves coming along.

  • Jacob Phillips

    Jacob Phillips

    I wanted to be good at something that people would recognize. I wanted to be seen in public and have everyone I see recognize me. I wanted to become the next greatest martial arts master. That’s why I went to Defense-Wise Martial Arts and Fitness Center. From the start, they treated me with respect, allowing me to return the favor. Each and every Sensei cares about each and every student, which is one of the key factors that has allowed me to grow stronger. They emphasize four major messages to each student: effort, honesty, respect, and control. They present kindness to the students, and the students obey the rules in return. No harsh punishment- just a nice cycle that keeps everything running smoothly. From the second I walked into the dojo, I knew that it would be a great experience. The dojo looks like it came from a magazine; it’s perfectly clean and simply set up, but provides the perfect amount of room for training. The teachers are always offering words of support and encouragement, which makes for a positive atmosphere. They allow us to play fun games that give a fun approach to the “Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate” program. This school is a place where dreams, like mine, take flight. This is a school where each and every student matters. This is a school where anyone of any age can master the art of karate in time.

  • The Bakers

    The Bakers

    We are very lucky to be a parts of Evolution Martial Arts and their great teachers. Five years ago our daughter began her journey in karate. Sensei Gord and Sensei Ashley have both been constant positive role models and fabulous instructors. It is so wonderful that she has been taught by dedicated, strong and skillful instructors. They have helped her set attainable goals, have kept her physically fit and she has had a ton of fun along the way! Thank you Evolution Martial Arts.